01. 02. 2015

The mission of the SEDC lab is to develop methodologies and practices for Engineering SW and critical systems. The activities of SEDC are focused on research topics enclosed in two macro areas:
i) Design Methodologies and Solutions, suitable to address modern system challenges such as complexity and adaptation;
ii) V&V Methodologies, Techniques and Tools, to analyse, assess and validate functional and non functional properties such as QoS and dependability indicators.

Analysis of Interdependencies in Critical Infrastructures

Assessing the impact of interdependencies on the ability of the system to provide resilient and secure services is of primarily importance; following this analysis, steps can be taken to mitigate vulnerabilities revealed in critical assets.

Analysis, Testing and Monitoring of Dynamic Systems

Nowadays in software systems need arises to augment them with powerful oversight and management functions in order to allow continuous and flexible analysis, testing and monitoring of their behaviour.The research on these topics focuses on the definition and development of methodologies, approaches and runtime facilities both for quality assurance and for supporting runtime verification and online adaptation.

Dependability Assessment and Fault-tolerant Solutions

Definition and development of efficient and adaptive fault tolerance solutions to deal with fault occurrences, as well as on the exploitation of stochastic modeling approaches to quantitatively assess dependability, performance and QoS related indicators of systems employed in a variety of critical application domains.

Model-based E-learnings Sytems

ICT solutions have been advocated as a useful means to support lifelong competence development while attracting and involving learners of targetted communities. Research addresses the exploitation of Model-driven approaches to facilitate the development of e-learning solutions that offer the opportunity to learn through the simulation and monitoring of a modelled process.

Testing for Software Quality and Security

Testing activities play a key role in gaining security and quality assurance of modern software systems. Research in this field addresses different approaches for software quality evaluation, ranging from performance assessment to innovative and pre-deployment quality measures, development of specific methodologies and tools for testing authorization systems.